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Welcome to Healing On The Streets Gloucester!
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We are a group of Christians seeking to promote the love of Jesus on the streets of Gloucester through healing. Check out the menu links from this page for more details. One Saturday every month between approx 11.00am and 1.00pm we are in Eastgate St, Gloucester, normally near British Home Stores, and would welcome an opportunity to pray for you. Look out for our large blue banner advertising "Healing".

Our remaining outings in 2020 will be 21st March, 18th April, 16th May, 20th June, 18th July, 15th August, 19th September, 17th October, 21st November, 12th December. Normally we are out on the third Saturday each month.


A Middle Eastern man received healing in his foot after a 10 second prayer.

A Jewish man was healed by Jesus the Messiah who took away severe pain in his side after a 20 second prayer.

A man had suffered chest pains for 5 years and the doctors didn't know the cause or the cure. After less than 10 minutes with us he left pain free - and amazed!

We prayed for a woman with both shoulder and knee pain and pain left both areas.

A man's lumbago was prayed for and afterwards he felt improvement.

A woman's shoulder stiffness became looser and she felt more peaceful.

A local young man came with back pain and it disappeared after prayer.

After one hands-on session a lady said:"I felt absolute joy and peace as the spirit of Our Lord came over me. It is such a wonderful experience I could have sat there forever. I have felt amazing ever since."

If you are a born-again disciple of Jesus Christ and believe that God is calling you to pray for this work, please encourage us by letting us know by e-mail as follows:

**Read the letter from several MPs in Parliament about the claim that "God Can Heal"**.

**Listen to two of our team being interviewed on Radio Gloucestershire.**.

Our appplication form for training is on this page .

If you are a disciple of the biblical Jesus Christ in a local church see our Menu list for further information. Our team is made up of Christian disciples from many churches of different denominations around Gloucester City and suburbs.
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